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 I Can Help YOU Re-SET Your MINDSET  
to Stop Stressing and OPTIMISE LIFE.

Mindset, Attitude, Biz. & Life SKILLS Coaching for Career Execs, Managers, Entrepreneurs on How... to Up-Skill, Re-SET, Re-EMPOWER ...Your MIND.  

There is no better way to Re-empower yourself...than getting the Support you need... at the right moment... to Stop... Pivot... and Re-Set your Mindset... by adding Street Smart Ideas and Skills... to what you already have. 

So contact us today... to discuss this most effective way... to OPTIMISE your Wants, Skills and LIFE... FOREVER.

Please use this Website for Information 

purposes whilst it is Under Construction

Hello and Welcome

My name is Noel ... Noel Spann

C.E.O., Biz.Skills Mentor, & Mindset Coach of the OPTIMUM-ACHIEVERS Society.

Everyone on the planet has SkillsMindset Patterns and Attitudes... that are either beneficial ... or are stressing us out. Veteran coaching professional... Noel Spann,  is ready to help... YOU self-learn how to Be your own BEST COACH... to stay on your best journey... to achieve what you want to BE, DO and HAVE. By using his expert advice and his OPTIMUM Thinking Experiential Learning Tools ... you'll identify and challenge and change your self-limiting beliefs and assumptions...  to transform the nature of the conversations you have with yourself... to make better choices in Life Career and Business re-launch yourself... using a kit of revitalised and new skills have you excelling, in ways you never thought possible. Book Noel today to set up a "free chat learn more on how... to start making all the risk managing, cost saving money making, dream catching, stress reducing  changes... you are seeking.


Book an Appointment

Re-Setting your Mindset, so you BrEAK FREEE from failure habits in your career,  business and or your life, is a BIG STEP. And to DO it effectively ... it’s important  to TALK to someone who cares and knows his stuff. So, if you'd like some hand holding and mentor support... eMail Noel. Tell us about YOU... what, where and why you’d like help... and he will set a Time to phone you back. And then, you'll talk over ways to help you become... Good, Different, Better... Best in your field.

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Want to learn how to coach yourself to increase your success?  Loose 10 kilos?  Find love?  Launch a new business?  Find a better career path ?   We are here to help YOU unlock what you need to BE and DO ... to stimulate the awesome power in your mind ... by applying the attitudes and tools you need to achieve your goals. What we offer, are strategically designed methods to generate multiple ideas, $ and results from actionable Master Plans so you personally Master your Mind ... your Life and Success.  Prices & Venues...on Application.
High School Tutor

 FREE Optimum Mindset  
Local Information Session

This 90 Min. presentation reveals the synergistic benefits at a live group in the dynamics of image and imagination... adult learning... the laws of metaphysics, right brain tools, mind dynamics, entrepreneurship and mastermind groups...all in a non-wanky reverse why we avoid change... or get hooked self-sabotage. It also reveals what will happen on the journey to a Optimum Mindset

Group Meeting

Local Training: Life, Work,
Careers, Business Skills

The topics in my one day workshops relate to our Mindset Re-set themes and demands for skills development. 

1. Entrepreneurship in Small Business

2. Quantum Leaping in Mind Dynamics 

3. Time and Productivity Improvement

4. Using my Quadrant Thinking System.

5. It's my Theory on Seasonal Synergies.

6. Mastering the Mechanics of Business 7. The Mystical Miracles in Meditations

8. A right time to plant the Money Tree

Couple Cooking

  PIVOT POINT Program    To Re-set  Your Mindset

These 12 lessons will help you unlock reset and re-arrange your Mindset at a rate of one lesson a fortnight, over a 24-week transformational journey. The Lessons are different, as in how I use my metaphoric art  and  mystical step ladder to help you  retrain your conscious and subconscious mind to accelerate how to find, fade, shrink, remove,  reset what ever is in your mindset paradigms... that is impeding you ... from achieving the successes and lifestyle, you most truely want.

Online Learning

     Global One-on-One      Personal Mentoring

The Covid 19 pandemic fallout has many “Quiet Achievers”  becoming  “Quiet Quitters”...not only in work careers, businesses,... but also at home... in families, love life and relationships. This seismic shift in mindset, attitude, and environment is toxic. It stresses lives. You can’t keep on doing what you’ve always done...and expect a better result. It's time. Talk to a Mindset Mentor

Business Meeting

PIVOT POINT Mastermind  Brainstorming Sessions

The shared input, accountability, and valuable professional knowledge that flows from a Mastermind group will transform your life and the business. By the legitimately receiving, giving support, empathy,  encouragement, and by a focusing of a group's minds to brainstorm a specific point.. the Mastermind synergistic multiplier  triggers the mystical run of intuitive, value adding ideas...that will change the situation at work and in your life.

Aboriginal Australian Artist

  Global Online Learning    eBooks & Business Clinics

Whether its in your professional or personal life, the inner stories of your mindset, governs if you have a successful life,career or business. 

What you ultimately want is strong, valuable information, but you can't go along to the Optimum Mindset

Meetings. To resolve this issue, we set up a VAULT full of Noel's self-learning eBooks of Lessons .So go ahead and browse our online store

Business Meeting

People ask US about
BENEFITS & Gains by Resetting a Fixed
Mindset... to Flexible

Imagine lacking what you need or want to live a rich life? To reset your MINDSET addresses the fact that..."What you think, feel, see, believe, talk, and act on... you achieve. Be it good... or bad.“

With Noel as your mentor, you'll quit the bad and BE a WINNER.


How fast, how much or how often you succeed or fail, is up to you. With us, you'll learn how to find, test and apply our  insightful  knowledge, in a high quality way ... to gain quality benefits


·  You will SWAY destiny & luck towards you... by crafting what you offer, so people will buy it. When you know how to add value, in a way that'll improve desirability,  you'll build a cashflow.

·  You will KNOW how to treat inferred handicaps, differently...You will re-write your stories and impress them on your mind ... to lift your dreams and desires up to a quality world of richness.

·  You will FIND out more precise facts, information, and details...on how to develop new ideas for you to  succeed   This will save you years of trial and error in your life, career, and business .


·  You will USE the invincible Powers of your Imagination, to upgrade ideas that’ll move a mere want or desire up to a higher level... to gain more highly paid work... to fund a better lifestyle.

· You will LEARN to how use Mindset techniques to apply the intuitive synergistic powers of “Spirit energy” working in, with and through you to trigger a  transformational phenomenon


·  You will STRENGTHEN your emotions and attitudes in a way to be always building you up,  to enrich you ... not negatively damaging your life, relationships, career, and business affairs.


·   You will ATTAIN spades of positive image and influence by using our Synergies of Seasonal Personas and to then apply other insightful powers so you can communicate more effectively.

·  You will KNOCK out procrastination, mental inertia and poverty consciousness... by using  

good, better, different, positive mental powers in a  way to stop living in a negative life of lack.

·  You will STOP stressing, by sweeping away  fogs of doubt and indecision  to help yourself to improve ... to better manage risk... on to making quick, valid, upbeat and profitable decisions.


·  You will WIN the abiding love and support from your partner, family, and friends. And enjoy the priceless recognition, respect and high regard from your clients, suppliers and colleagues.


·  You will BOOST your successes by using this Optimum Achiever’s Credo. 1. A project in mind; 2. A positive mental attitude; 3. Will participate, fully;  4. And will, be and do your best.


·  You will LEARN more, much more. Because we'll teach, train, coach & mentor you on what you need to be, do, have and use... so you think, feel, look, and act ... in an extraordinary way.

This is What  People say...

As a Lawyer ...offering Legal services to my niche market… the support Noel Spann gave me in what he does as a Mindset and Biz. Mentor has made a big impact on me. For instance, over the past few years ... I have halved the resources I was using in my practice; doubled its income; and completed some “pretty wild” ventures, way outside of my comfort zone. To be shown how it can happen and be guided as I did it, is priceless in anyone’s money.
John Gregg        
From where we were facing ruin to where we are now in life and business, we have been doubly blessed.  1) To have met Noel Spann   2) And the opportunity to work with him. 

               Hector and Rondell Johnson

Engaging Noel as my Mentor helped me enormously. He has a wealth of business know-how and life skills wisdom to share.        I now have the peace of mind that my new business will succeed.                   

                                          Natalie Lynch

Autumn leaves are Falling. Seasons are a Changing.
YOU can DO the SAME
With Experiential Learning.

If you’re feeling stuck, or simply feel like exploring something new about yourself... we offer a wide range of Blogs for clients from all industries and backgrounds. Take a look at these Blogs right here to learn more about us    and how you can awaken your amazing Spirit within you, and what you do.

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

We do Care About You ...

We all have inner stories in our subconscious that drive our lives. Some are so powerful they accelerate us towards our goals and dreams. Some act like brakes, slowing our progress. And this applies to all the 6 areas of our lives. In fact…your level of success is governed by the mindset stories you’re telling yourself.


To re-set a mindset can be tough for folks full of rusted on debilitating paradigms. But keep at it. Changes  happen. Others worry about  making a"Harry Potter" type journey to the "Valley of the Mind Re-setters." Take courage. With  fervent resolve, keen effort, goals in mind... using imagination, pen & paper, changes will happen. But as you are responsible for your how you think, feel, look , and act ... you actually govern what you achieve. Therefore, all our lessons, systems, methods, programmes are non-prescriptive.




Our lessons are not a substitute for best practices, professional financial or medical advice. Nor are they a treatment for pre-existing or future mental, physical, financial conditions. You are in control of your destiny.


There may be times, when lessons or assignments trigger hurtful emotions and reactions. If so, feel free to discuss them with your medical or psychological professionals. It's the same for money matters.Talk to your accountant, lawyer, business advisor or financial professionals. If you'd like some handholding to get you over a "hurtful hump' in life, then contact us. From the moment you begin to Reset your Mindset with us,

you acknowledge and have accepted this disclaimer, our terms and conditions and our privacy policies.






 But first... there is a Question to Answer.

Imagine what Biz.,Career or Life Problems you'd need to fix to become, Richer every day, in every way... in health, wealth, love and happiness?


That's why we are here... to help you FIND  those Answers... to get you Feeling Great.


It All Starts By Becoming a GLOBAL Member



Members receive weekly emailings of upcoming Society events, information nights & classes,  workshops, our Book Store's new releases, Noel's blogs,     case studies, reviews, and motivational quotes to help you discover just how our Optimum Achievers development processes helped transform people's    lives.They found our help when they sought it. And YOU can do the same.     
YES, it's TIME You Did Something Significant for YOU.   

JOIN US... NOW... YOU will be so GLAD you DID.
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FREE eBOOK..."IT Certainly WORKS".   It Reveals our RAPID WAY To Re-SET Your MINDSET.     

ThisTHIN little BLUE BOOK, certainly  works . It's about optimising your Attitude and Mindset. Written by Coach, Noel Spann, to be his "Gratitude"gift. It's short ... a 29 minute read.  And it's loaded with  synergistic clues, and methods.  You'll discover  ways to grow richer in health, wealth, love and happiness, by acting differently. Do all the 4 lessons. But don't treat it lightly. Because, you'll need to be in the right  frame of mind... to readily identify all it's secret codes. 


You'll soon know if you're using all the codes, or not. Because if you still feel, you are  running uphill with a full load on...  you would've missed key parts of the Code. In this case, and if you want to shed what's hindering your success as in being a high end Optimum Achiever, so you benefit your life, family, career or business, contact us. We'll help you"climb the right ladder."

It's the Sure-Fire Guide to Realise Your Potential, by Pushing Aside Limitations, and Achieving Things You Didn't Know Were Possible.

Pages below this Point are Under Constuction

Self-Learning is Essential:

YOU CAN start today, by ... buying from Noel's "In the Right Time Self- Learning" Library of eBooks, Clinics and Lessons ...  as selected  from his Vast Vault of 60+ years of industrial strength in-field research, ideas and writings on the best entrepreneurial systems and skill sets... needed to improve & accelerate your  business, career, life and relationship success.

YOU CAN self-learn from what Noel found, from his plumbing the depths of metaphysical neuroscience and industry. It's "Just in Time Learning"  
(what you always wanted & needed)  to grow smarter in how to re-position yourself ... in how to be in the right place at a right time ... to grow richer in health, wealth, love & happiness.
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Business, Career & Life SKILLS
"Experiential Learning" 
Online Book Store

Parallel Lines

AND... So is JOINING our LOCAL "MeetUP" GROUP   To ENJOY our " Experiential Learning" METHOD.
This is How and Why we are Good, Better, Different than the Rest. I help YOU Master the Metaphysical Science behind Improving Life ... so YOU Become ...Your Own Best Coach  ... to effectively release your Fears and Attitudinal Stress Blockages ... to Transform your Mindset ... to learn new Life and Business skills ... to Create Better Ideas, Results, Cash flow,  and Lifestyle... so YOU Grow Into... a More Productive and Worthy Version of YOURSELF ... to Become RICHER ... every Day ... in every Way... in Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.

Enrol in the Optimum Mindset "PIVOT POINT" LOCAL GROUP TRAINING ... in Brisbane

Students may choose to enrol in either or both the PIVOT POINT Training or Masterminds   As groups and places are limited ... your seat needs to be reserved.  Join this email list and we will send you the information about the venues and further particulars on the Meet Ups.  (We envisage, this PIVOT POINT Program becoming a Zoom On-line Training Course  in the future.)

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NOEL SPANN...Biz. & Life Skills Coach

 On-line eCourses on Small Biz. Management, Productivity and Entrepreneurial Skills

One Page Business Plans

The One Page Business Plan that created an Award Winning  7-Figure Business 

Win,Win and Win Again

Business Positioning Tactics That Significantly Wins and Keeps Market Leadership

It's a Secret 

To Be Advised

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